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Your website contains offers from over 1,000 participating stores that donate up to 10% of every purchase made to your cause.   Many stores offer coupons and discounts so your supporters save money while collecting donations for your cause.  We customize your website using your cause logo, color scheme, mission and images so it matches your cause’s website.


Your website also contains a dashboard with metrics and tools to let you monitor and manage your CauseNetwork eco-system.


The CauseNetwork mobile app automatically brands itself to your cause when your supporters log-in for the first time.   It includes the same 1,000 stores and discounts found on your website and also includes our patent pending retail donation technology so you can include offers from local businesses that want to support your cause.


Your Web App is a software utility your supporters download to their computer browsers.  It remotely presses “Shop” buttons on your website when your supporter visits a participating store website, automatically collecting donations while eliminating the need to visit your website before making a purchase!  It provides coupons directly on store websites to help  supporters save money while collecting donations for your cause.


Included free in your CauseNetwork system is a multi-media messaging platform that lets you send in-app messages to your mobile and web app users.   Send updates about your cause, upcoming events, fundraisers, links to your donation page, images and more.  No longer be limited by low email open rates and costly direct mail campaigns when studies  show in-app messages reach users much faster and with read rates over 90%!  Meet you supporters where they are increasingly living – on their smartphones.

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Custom promotional tools make it easy to let supporters how to collect donations for your cause when they shop

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Success takes just 5 minutes per week – each social media post, email or newsletter mention drives membership

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