9-21-16: Fundraising Flipped Upside-Down

MCLEAN, VA: November 7, 2016

Gone are the days of non-profits needing to fund their own fundraising, worrying if they are big enough to qualify for benefits, or wondering how they can get their own mobile app.   Anyone who has worked for a non-profit knows that the toughest and, ironically, most expensive job is raising money. CauseNetwork™ is changing this with the release of their next generation fundraising mobile app and online solution, both free to all Causes, regardless of size. CauseNetwork’s solution aggregates multiple fundraisers and social media outreach tools into one easy-to-use dashboard, and provides customizable mobile apps and online solutions for Causes to send their messages and increase campaign visibility.

The free mobile app includes a Cause’s branding, links, and mission, as well as customizable buttons to accommodate the various fundraising activities or needs. Causes can integrate their own tools into the dashboard and take advantage of the tools provided, creating more ways to fundraise. The app is also enabled with MMS messaging, so Causes can send information, images, and links to their supporters at no extra effort or cost.

“Millennials are the next generation of activists and supporters, but they are hesitant to write checks and are hard to reach because they get information from their mobile device, instead of their mailbox or computer,” said Clay Buckley, President of CauseNetwork. “To engage these millennials, Causes need a variety of fundraising options and they need reach them through a mobile app, so we decided to provide both, for free.”

Glen Gulyas, Co-founder of CauseNetwork adds, “We can deploy our solution for a Cause in a highly customized way in only a day or two, so they can get to their fundraising activities very quickly.  And we are adding additional ways to generate ase of their platfdonations and support every day.”

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About CauseNetwork: CauseNetwork, Inc. offers free, customized fundraising and communications solutions to the non-profit community. Nonprofits receive a free branded website, a mobile app with in-app messaging, and a “campaign dashboard” stocked with multiple fundraising campaigns and tools to make execution easy and inexpensive. There are no fees or membership costs to causes or their supporters; merchant sponsors pay for operational costs and donations. Firmly rooted in the effort to give across the world, CauseNetwork offers a variety of options to get involved in the

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