Support Your Community And Strengthen Your Brand

By Facilitating Used Vehicle and/or Cash Donations

Vehicle Donation Program

The CauseNetwork Foundation’s “MyRideMyCause.Org” website allows consumers to donate any used vehicle to benefit one of more than 973,000 charities that are registered with the IRS.  When you sign up as a donation sponsor, you can receive 5% of the proceeds, net of processing costs, on donated vehicles sold at auction.  You can also choose to donate your commission to charity.

 Cash Donation Program

  • Drive sales by donating to each customer’s favorite charity with a purchase
  • Customers select from over 973,000 IRS registered 501(c)(3) charities!
  • Turnkey – We provide all transaction and donation tracking and settlement
  • Option to pre-select charities so you can run joint campaigns with charities
  • Monthly donation invoices include a 5% service fee to operate the program

You Can Also Accept Donations On Your Website

If you prefer to have customer donate vehicles and cash directly on your website, we can provide you with custom iframe code that easily integrates our vehicle and/or cash donation programs into your website.  Our iframe code consists of just a few lines of code and is easier to install than a banner ad.  We provide separate iframe code for each product so you can choose to implement one or both of our programs.

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Donation Sponsor Registration

  • You have the option to donate your commissions to the charities chosen by your customers.
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