Why should I join CauseNetwork™?

When you join CauseNetwork™, you gain access to discounts from over 1000 online stores, plus up to 10% of everything you purchase through this website will be given back to the cause listed on the website.

Do I have to join CauseNetwork™ for stores to give back to my favorite cause?

No, you can choose to “Shop as a Guest” on the pop-up screen that appears when you click a shop button, and you will be treated as an anonymous supporter of your favorite cause.   By joining CauseNetwork, your cause will be able to see via your email that you have chosen to shop to help them.

How does CauseNetwork™ work?

When you click through from a CauseNetwork™ website to an online store, your purchase is tracked by both the store and CauseNetwork™. Once the return period for the product you purchased ends, the store pays CauseNetwork™ a percentage of your purchase. The percentage listed on the offer that you clicked is then given back to the cause listed on the website that you shopped through.  In addition, most stores participate in the causepoints program.

Why are some donation amounts listed as “Up To” as opposed to an exact percentage donation?

Stores with “up to” donation amounts will donate different amounts based on the type of product you purchase. Generally speaking, technology purchases result in lower donation percentages because the profit margins on tech products are very low for the store.  Meanwhile clothing purchases generally carry higher donation percentages because those products have higher profit margins for the store.

You will generally see the “Up To” donation amounts on stores that offer a broad range of products (for example, Target & Walmart), which sell everything from clothing to technology and everything in between.  CauseNetwork always donates at least 55% of the payments we receive from stores on your purchases, regardless of the type of products that you purchase.

How do I join?

It’s simple. Click the Register link at the top of this page to become a member or click on any of the deals on this website and you will be prompted to Register. Registering gives you access to causepoints which can be redeemed for cash or merchandise, and enables your purchases to be tracked so we can give you credit for the money you generated for your cause while shopping.

Can anyone join this website?

Yes, anyone can join this website and support our cause every time they shop online. Please help us spread the word by sharing this site with your friends and family. It’s simple and easy to join and to use, and best of all, every time you shop using one of our links, a portion of your purchase is automatically given back to the cause listed on this website.

Forgot your password?

To retrieve your password, simply visit the account page and use the email address that you used when you registered.

How do I know if I received my discount? How do I know money was given back to my cause?

To ensure that your purchases earn money back for your cause on your purchases, you must START by clicking the store’s “Shop Now” button on this site PRIOR to making a purchase. You will be transferred to the store’s website where any purchase you make will be tracked to ensure that your cause receives the money identified on the offer you clicked.  During checkout you may need to enter a promo or coupon code if the offer you selected requires such a code.  After you checkout, the store will notify CauseNetwork™ that your purchase will result in a donation to your cause.

Please note that it takes anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks before a store informs us that a purchase was completed.

Beware of coupon and shopping toolbars. They can prevent you from receiving the discounts and donations to your cause offered on this website.  We recommend that you disable these toolbars before using our website.  Our Web App is different than these toolbars.  Our Web App does not spy on you, track the websites you visit, nor pop up any ads.  The goal of our Web App is to make it easy for you to shop to support your cause and to get discounts using coupons our participating stores are offering.

What if I don’t see a brand or item I want?

If you have a favorite store that’s not advertising on our site, let us know! We’re constantly adding new ones and every suggestion is welcome. Send us an email with a recommendation to Thanks!

Who operates this website?

This website is owned and operated by CauseNetwork, Inc. CauseNetwork was founded in 2012 with the goal of helping not-for-profit cause based organizations to raise money to support their missions by getting corporations to give back a portion of every sale to each customer’s favorite cause.

What are promo codes and coupon codes and how do I use one?

Some online stores require the use of a coupon code or promo code in order to receive an advertised discount. A promo code is entered into the shopping cart on the Merchant’s site when you check out. To minimize the chance of a typo when entering a promo code, use the copy and paste function on your computer, tablet, or phone. Always review your bill carefully before checking out to ensure that your promo code was correctly applied. If you encounter an online store that does not appear to be honoring a discount or promo code advertised on our website, please let us know by emailing the promo code and store name to

What if I don’t see a promo code? Can I still get the advertised discount?

Many online stores do not require a promo code to receive a discount. Some online stores “pre-fill” promo codes at check out and others just apply them automatically. Some stores provide a special link that clicks through to automatically qualify you for a discount.

How does my organization benefit from my purchase through this site?

By shopping through a CauseNetwork™ website, up to 10% of your purchase will be given back to the cause you choose to shop to support.

Who do I call if I don’t receive a product ordered, it’s defective, or I need to return it?

Since your purchase occurred at an online store as opposed to this website, you will need to contact the online store directly via email or phone to discuss returns, warranties, or defective products. The stores listed on this website are responsible for accepting your order, processing your payment, shipping the product to you, and handling any customer service problems that might arise. Should an online store not be willing to resolve any issue you may have, you can file a complaint with us by sending an email to

Is my personal information safe when I Register? How about when I make a purchase?

We strive to maintain the highest possible standard for protecting customer privacy. You will find a copy of our Privacy Commitment and our Privacy Statement in the Help menus.

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